#21: The Big Issue (U.S. Shipping Only)

Issue 21

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21: The BIG Issue

For: Girls, ages 5 to 12, who like to think big and dream bigger.

Issue 21 Highlights: Measure the universe; make supersize art; blow giant bubbles; explore big feelings; meet the largest creature on Earth; marvel at what your body does to grow; make a big-air dessert; read a comic about marathoner Kathrine Switzer, who ran a big race and a short story about a girl who takes a big leap. Plus: a secret code, a search-and-find, a maze, word puzzles, coloring, and more!

Issue 21 Featured Experts: Astrophysicist Sarah Tuttle, Ph.D., Chef Zoë François, biological anthropologist Allison Nesbitt, Ph.D., artist Maya Hayuk, psychologist Maryam Abdullah, Ph.D.

Issue 21 Short Story Contributor: Newbery Honor and Coretta Scott King Award winner Renée Watson, author of Piecing Me Together and Ways to Make Sunshine

Issue 21 Comic Contributor: Maris Wicks, author of Human Body Theater

Specs: 64 full-color pages, soft-touch matte cover stock


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