#22: The Wild Issue (U.S. Shipping only)

Issue 22

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22: The WILD Issue

For: Girls, ages 5 to 12, who love animals and adventure

Issue 22 Highlights: Learn about Earth's most magnificent animals, including lions, bonobos, elephants, bees and us; read a comic about Dian Fossey, who lived in the rainforest among mountain gorillas; eavesdrop on the trees's conversations; learn to draw flowers with the nation's top botanical artist; go bananas with Magnolia's famous banana pudding recipe; untame your imagination and spark wild ideas with mind-bending activities; read a short story about a little penguin with big dreams. Plus: a secret code, a search-and-find, a maze, word puzzles, coloring, and more!

Issue 22 Featured Experts: Forest ecologist Suzanne Simard, Ph.D., behavorial ecologist Jenn E. Smith, Ph.D., baker Bobbie Lloyd of Magnolia Bakery, botanical artist Alice Tangerini, plus a cameo by Queen of Percussion Sheila E.

Issue 22 Short Story Contributor: Kira Jane Buxton, author of Hollow Kingdom, a 2020 finalist for the Thurber Prize for American Humor, and Feral Creatures

Issue 22 Comic Contributor: Ellen Crenshaw

Specs: 64 full-color pages, soft-touch matte cover stock


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