#23: The Art Issue (U.S. shipping only)

Issue 23

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23: The ART Issue

For: Girls, ages 5 to 12, who love to draw, paint and make all kinds of art.

Issue 23 Awards: Our Art Issue has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards for Best Single-Topic issue and Best Illustrated Story. Woo hoo!

Issue 23 Highlights: Make your own masterpiece with exclusive art lessons from today's greatest painters; build a tiny art gallery to display and trade your work; take a trek into cold, dark caves to meet your earliest artist ancestors; read a comic about Yayoi Kusama, the artist who covered the world in polka dots; bake art you can eat; train your eyes to see like an artist; learn the weird history of color; read a short story about a girl who paints her feelings; draw a poster that can change the world. Plus: a secret code, a search-and-find, a maze, drawing tutorials, word puzzles, coloring, and more!

Issue 23 Featured Experts: Artists Amy Sherald, Julie Mehretu, Nina Chanel Abney and Xylor Jane; archaeologist Margaret Conkey, Ph.D.; art historian Carol Wells; baker Teri Culletto. 

Issue 23 Short Story Contributor: A.S. King, the Printz Award-winning author of The Year We Fell From Space, Dig and Me and Marvin Gardens.  

Issue 23 Comic Contributor: Marinaomi.

Specs: 64 full-color pages, soft-touch matte cover stock


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